Accepted Materials.


Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc. Brass is used throughout the household, for door knockers, handles and so on.


Copper is a common metal which can be found across many sectors. It is particularly used in the plumbing industry, for pipes, hot water cylinders and so on. Copper is however is serious demand, so copper always gets a good price.


Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel is used all across the building industry. As it does not corrode as easily as other metals, it is a preferable choice. You can also find stainless steel at home, in the cutlery drawer and in many different appliances.


Aluminium is used a lot in the food industry, for foil, tin cans and utensils. It can also be found in the manufacturing of door and window frames.


An Alloy is simply a combination of metals. We collect all types of alloys.
Alloy wheels 4
Copper 17


Lead is a soft metal that is used for pipes, bullets, gym equipment and so on. We collect all quantities of lead.


Zinc is used in a whole range of industries, and is most commonly used as an alloy.


We collect all types of vehicles, where we dispose of them correctly at our facility. To learn more, click here. (link to scrap car page)


We can collect all types of electrical cables, data cables etc. If you have any queries, simply call our office today.

Old Farm Equipment.

Old farm machinery and equipment can become an eyesore if left around a yard and not used. We take away all old machinery and take them apart for correct disposal at our facility. 

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